What We Do

We harness the power of home to change lives. 
We break cycles of generational poverty.
We fill financing gaps when families need it most.
We create substantive return on investment. 
We maintain financial solvency and sustainability.
We create region wide ripples of prosperity.

 At CVAH we support low-income families who are ready for homeownership to take their next step. The effects are more than someone simply owning a home though. We believe homeownership is also an investment in community. We are proud our work strengthens the social fabric of our valley and creates fertile ground for our citizens to grow. We believe in addressing the big picture with a personal focus. 

The Gift that Keeps on Giving


They pay off their CVAH loan with interest, which we re-invest in another family and gradually grow our resources to be able to serve more people in need of support.


We invest in low-income families through CVAH programs.


They contribute to local and regional economic growth through their primary bank loans, paid services to housing professionals, new construction costs, etc.​


They access a home they otherwise couldn’t have.


Their home purchase stabilizes their family’s living situation and builds stability, well-being, and wealth over time.

It Works


…have received Homeownership Counseling through our services.

Low Income Families

…have received financial assistance allowing them to purchase their first home.

Allocated directly
$ 1

…to families through various CVHA programs and deferred loans.

Directly into our regional economy
$ 1

We have enabled these hardworking families to qualify for mortgages that have pumped 11.4 million dollars directly into our regional economy through primary bank loans, new construction and paid services to housing professionals.

Loan Payback

By year 10 or 12

70% of CVAH loans are paid back by year 10 or 12. 

in cash reserves
$ 1
in net assets as of 2018
$ 1

Careful management of financial reserves and lean operating expenses has allowed CVAH to maintain close to $300,000 in cash reserves and near $2 million in net assets as of 2018.