We believe in the power of homeownership to change lives.

CVAH supports hard-working low-income families achieve their dream of affordable homeownership.

Through the power of home we witness families transform their circumstances; from instability to security, caught by generational poverty to building assets and wealth, mired in uncertainty and stress to feeling empowered and hopeful. Join us as we strengthen our families and communities through the firm foundation of homeownership!

“We are spending our 4th Christmas in our home. A home we never would have been able to get on our own. You have provided a comfort where there used to be worry and stress. There is a feeling of security and belonging that I have never felt.”

The Sackett Family​

Community Land Trust Home Owners

“If it wasn’t for the homeownership program, I wouldn’t own my home today. I’d been renting for 8 years and desperately wanted a way out of the cycle of flushing money down the toilet. The only way to build wealth for someone like me – not being able to save money each month – was to own.”​

Eden M.

New Home Owner With Down Payment Assistance

“Thank you CVAH for helping us get into our first home – it would have been impossible for us to do so without your program. I am very grateful that my repayment can now help someone else who is in my same situation!”

The Schank Family

Home Owners With Down Payment Assistance

The Power of Home

We all want a warm place to come home to — where we are safe, sheltered, and comfortable. A home is the base of stability from which we create our lives. 

Having a “roof over our heads” is part of our human drive for survival — and a need that many of us take for granted.  Beyond basic shelter, beyond emergency assistance, there is the desire for ownership.  We desire to take responsibility for ourselves and build a better future for our families.  This is what we do at CVAH.  We combine the power of home with the empowerment of ownership. Our families come to us ready for that step. We support them in buying a home and then a whole new cascade of benefits begins to happen. This is the power of home.  
Strengthens Families

Homeownership creates stable conditions for families to thrive and build a better quality of life.

Builds Wealth

Homeownership constructs a platform for future financial security by building family assets and wealth through equity. For the majority of low-income homeowners, housing is their only source of wealth.

Creates Safety and Security

Homeownership increases stability in low-income households, decreasing the effects displacement and eviction, and insulating families from rising housing costs. It also reduces domestic and community violence.

Empowers the Next Generation

Homeownership creates consistency and improves conditions for childhood development. The children of homeowners do better in school and the job market than the children of renters.

Boosts Community Connection

Homeownership boosts civic pride and community involvement. This leads to increased cultural understanding and respect, as well as healthier, stronger neighborhoods.

Generates Economic Growth

Homeownership not only benefits the economic circumstances of the homeowner, but invests millions of dollars back into our local economy.

Real Stories. Real Impact.

Listen to Ruben & Maria’s inspiring story about how their first home, purchased with a Columbia Valley Affordable Home Ownership Downpayment Assistance Loan, changed not only their lives, but an entire community.


We implement a variety of strategies to create homeownership opportunities throughout Chelan and Douglas counties. From downpayment assistance to our community land trust program, we work to bridge the gaps that prevent capable low-income families from owning a home. Our core services have developed over time in response to various housing needs and changing economic cycles.  We are committed to continuing to innovate methods of assistance that remain viable, effective, and adaptable to the changing needs of our valley. 

Downpayment Assistance

Low-interest, deferred payment loans for qualified low-income families and individuals at or below 80% of the area median income. Our loans are used for the cash required for down-payments, closing costs, and primary mortgage insurance.

Homeownership Counseling

One-on-one counseling in English or Spanish that explains budgeting basics, shopping for a loan, credit repair, interest rates, amortization, home equity, and details about homeownership programs.

Revolving Loan Program

Every time a participating homeowner pays back the downpayment loan used to buy their home, 90% of the principal returns to our revolving loan program to help new families purchase their first home.

Community Land Trust

Specially protected properties with a 99-year ground lease that lowers monthly mortgages for very low-income and/or disabled families at or below 50% area median income.